Univ. Constantine 2
Equipe : SCAL

Lamis Ghoualmi; Amer Draa; Salim Chikhi
An ear biometric system based on artificial bees and the scale invariant feature transform. J. of Expert Systems with Applications 57: 49-61 (2016)
Lamis Ghoualmi; Amer Draa; Salim Chikhi
Ear Feature Extraction Using a DWT-SIFT Hybrid. 2nd Euro-China Conf. on Intelligent Data Analysis and Applications (ECC 2015): 37-47 (2015)
Lamis Ghoualmi; Amer Draa; Salim Chikhi
An efficient feature selection scheme based on genetic algorithm for ear biometrics authentication. 12th Int. Symp. on Programming and Systems (ISPS'15): 1-5 (2015)
Lamis Ghoualmi; Salim Chikhi; Amer Draa
A SIFT-Based Feature Level Fusion of Iris and Ear Biometrics. 3rd Int. Workshop on Multimodal pattern recognition of social signals in human computer interaction (MPRSS 2014): 102-112 (2014)
Lamis Ghoualmi
Approches bio-inspirées pour le pré-traitement, l’extraction et la fusion de données biométriques. Université Constantine 2, Algérie (2017)