Univ. Constantine 2
Team : MFGL

Aouatef Chaib; Imane Boussebough; Allaoua Chaoui
Adaptive service composition in an ambient environment with a multi-agent system. J. of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing (JAIHC) 9(2): 367-380 (2018)
Aouatef Chaib; Imen Boussebough; Allaoua Chaoui
An intelligent management of lighting in an ambient environment with a Multi-Agent System.. In book International Symposium on Modelling and Implementation of Complex Systems (MISC'16): 187-200 (2016)
Aouatef Chaib; Iman Boussebough; Allaoua Chaoui
Adaptive composition of services in context-aware ambient intelligent systems. Int. C* Conf. on Computer Science & Software Engineering (C3S2E'14): 1-5 (2014)
PhD thesis
Chaib Aouatef
Système Multi Agents adaptatif et composition des services ` dans un environnement d’intelligence ambiante. Université Constantine 2, Algérie (2018)