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Haoua Cheribi; Abdelkrim Bouramoul; Mohamed-Khireddine Kholladi
A multi-agent based security policy for web related applications: a hybrid approach using context and ontology. Int. J. of Web Engineering and Technology 12(4): 373-397 (2017)
Haoua Cheribi; Noureddine Amraoui; Abdelkrim Bouramoul; Mohamed Khireddine Kholladi
Context-awareness Security Model Based on Multi-agents System Operating in Complex Environment. 2th Int. Conf. on Internet of Things and Cloud Computing: 139:1-8 (2017)
PhD thesis
Haoua Cheribi
Systèmes multi-agents normatifs pour la mise en oeuvre de la sécurité dans des applications complexes (vers la pertinence des politiques de sécurité). Université Constantine 2, Algérie (2019)