5 recent publications
Karima Berramla; El Abbassia Deba; Mohamed Elkamel Hamdane; Abou El Hassen Benyamina
Semi-Automatic Generation of Transformation Rules: From AADL to Timed Automata. 2nd Int. Conf. on Networking, Information Systems & Security (NISS'19): 1-7 (2019)
Mohamed Elkamel Hamdane; Karima Berramla; Allaoua Chaoui; Abou El Hasan Benyamina
A Semantic Framework to Improve Model-to-Model Transformations. Int. Conf. Europe Middle East & North Africa Information Systems and Technologies to Support Learning (EMENA-ISTL'18): 290-300 (2018)
Mohamed Elkamel Hamdane; Karima Berramla; Allaoua Chaoui
Using MDA With Model Checking to Ensure the Development of Consistent AADL Models. Int. Conf. on Embedded & Distributed Systems (EDiS’17) (2017)
Mohamed Elkamel Hamdane; A. Chaoui; M. Strecker
Toolchain Based on MDE for the Transformation of AADL Models to Timed Automata Models. J. of Software Engineering and Applications 6(3): 147-155 (2013)
Mohamed Elkamel Hamdane; Allaoui Chaoui; Martin Strecker
From AADL to timed automaton- A verification approach. Int. J. of Software Engineering and its Applications (IJSEIA) 7(4): 115-126 (2013)
PhD thesis
Mohamed Elkamel Hamdane
Une approche basée sur l'ingénierie dirigée par les modèles pour la vérification des descriptions AADL. Université Constantine 2, Algérie (2018)
Title Speciality Level
Advanced Databases
Computer science Master 1
Mathematics’ logic
Computer science Master 1
Information systems
Computer science Licence 3
Automata & Formal Language
Computer science Licence 3
Servers’ Administration
Computer science Licence 3
ITC for Education
Professor of Arabic Language Teaching Licence 3
Algorithms and problem solving
Technology science Licence 1
Microsoft Operating systems fundamentals
Technology science Licence 1
Theme Viva defense
Applying cybersecurity techniues in SQL databases 2022
Integration of the anti-covid19 vaccination record in the biometric passport 2021
Using the AADL language to model a group of drones 2021
Applying the theory of composition in the development of AADL system 2020
Development of ProConcours: a desktop application for recruitment competition 2017
Development of a distributed database for the technical control of vehicles 2017
SvScA: a simulator for checking an automotive air conditioning system 2016
Formal verification of AADL models through UPPAAL model checker, case study: temperature controller of an aircraf engine 2014
Verification of AADL descriptions by a transformation approach 2012
Automatic generation of the PNML code from Petri Net formalism 2012
Implementation of an information system using Oracle DBMS: an MDA approach 2010
Maintenance of a distributed database inside Oracle-DBMS 2010
Automated trainee registration at the INSFP -Khenchela- using a dynamic website. 2009