Kahloul LAID
Univ. Constantine 2
Team : MFGL

Former member
5 recent publications
Sohaib Soualah; Mohamed Khalgui; Allaoua Chaoui; Laid Kahloul; Yousra Hafidi
Efficient Verification of Reconfigurable Discrete-Event System Using Isabelle/HOL Theorem Prover and Hadoop. 15th Int. Conf. on Software Technologies (ICSOFT'2020): 227-241 (2020)
Sohaib Soualah; Yousra Hafidi; Mohamed Khalgui; Allaoua Chaoui; Laïd Kahloul
Formalization and Verification of Reconfigurable Discrete-event System using Model Driven Engineering and Isabelle/HOL. Int. Conf. on Software Technologies (ICSOFT'20) (2020)
Laid Kahloul; Allaoua Chaoui; Karim Djouani
Modelling and Analysis of Mobile Computing Systems: An Extended Petri Nets Formalism. Int. J. of Computers, Communications & Control (IJCCC) 10(2): 211-221 (2015)
Laid Kahloul; Samir Bourekkache; Karim Djouani; Allaoua Chaoui; Okba Kazar
Using high level Petri nets in the modelling, simulation and verification of reconfigurable manufacturing systems. Int. J. of Software Enegineering and Knowledge Engineering 24(3): 419-443 (2014)
Laid Kahloul; Allaoua Chaoui; Karim Djouani; Samir Bourekkache; Okba Kazar
Using High Level Nets for the Design of Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems. Int. Workshop on Petri Nets for Adaptive Discrete-Event Control Systems (ADECS'14) (2014)
PhD thesis
Kahloul Laid
Extending Petri Nets for Modeling and Analysis of Reconfigurable Systems. Université Constantine 2, Algérie (2012)