Team SCAL : Soft Computing and Artificial Live

Les travaux de cette équipe tournent autour des techniques de soft computing et de vie artificielle, les métaheuristiques et optimisation, la prise de décision, la bio informatique et data mining, l'extraction d’informations et systèmes à accès-web, et traitement parallèle et systèmes distribués.

3 recent defended theses
Imène Bensalem
Plagiarism Detection: A focus on the Intrinsic Approach and the Evaluation in the Arabic Language
1 year ago
Abdelwahhab Satta
Security Mechanisms for Cloud Computing Infrastructures: An Operational Strategy and Technical Methodology
1 year ago
Mohamed Skander Daas
Apport de l’Intelligence en Essaim et des Plans d’Expériences aux Protocoles de Routage pour les Réseaux Mobiles Ad-hoc : Application au Routage Géographique Inter-Couche
1 year ago
5 recent publications
Imène Bensalem; Paolo Rosso.; Salim Chikhi
On the use of character n-grams as the only intrinsic evidence of plagiarism. Language Resources and Evaluation 53(3): 363-396 (2019)
Said Labed; Akram Kout; Salim Chikhi
A New Approach based Bee Colony for the Resolution of Routing Problem in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks. Int. J. of Applied Metaheuristic Computing (IJAMC) 10(2): 131-151 (2019)
Badreddine Miles; Salim Chikhi; El-Bay Bourennane
Carbon Monoxide Detection: An IoT Application Used As a Tool for Civil Protection Services to Save Lives. 3rd Int. Conf. on Future Networks and Distributed Systems (ICFNDS'19): 8:1-8:4 (2019)
Said Labed; Akram Kout; Salim Chikhi; El-Bay Bourennane
A hybrid bio-inspired approach to solving the routing problem in mobile ad hoc networks. Int. J. of Systems, Control and Communications 9(3): 185-209 (2018)
Akram Kout; Said Labed; Salim Chikhi; El Bay Bourennane
AODVCS, a new bio-inspired routing protocol based on cuckoo search algorithm for mobile ad hoc networks. J. of Wireless Networks 24(7): 2509–2519 (2018)