Open Optimization Competition 2020

Period :
27 Feb 2020 1 Jun 2020
Place : Leiden, The Netherlands, from September 5-9, 2020
event.organized-by-team SCAL
Key words
Competition Benchmark Multi-objective optimization Evolutionary Optimization Discrete optimization Structured optimization Constrained optimization

The Nevergrad and IOHprofiler teams are happy to announce that we have paired up for the Open Optimization Competition 2020.

All kind of contributions (under the form of pull requests) to Nevergrad and IOHprofiler are eligible. For example, we distinguish two (non exclusive) categories for submission.

Its a classic competition, with existing baselines that are meant to be outperformed.

Papers in the ACM GECCO Proceedings Companion.


Up to 12 000 euros of awards, to be used for traveling to PPSN or GECCO 2020 or 2021, distributed over several winners. In addition, a limited number of registration fee waivers are available for PPSN 2020.