MISC2024: 8th International Symposium on Modelling and Implementation of Complex Systems

Period :
1 Dec 2024 3 Dec 2024
Place : Tamanrasset, Algeria.
Key words

Building upon the success of previous editions (MISC'2010, MISC'2012, MISC2014, MISC2016, MISC2018, MISC2020, and MISC2022), the MISC laboratory at the University of Constantine 2 - Abdelhamid Mehri organizes the upcoming eighth (8th) edition of the MISC symposium (MISC'2024).



This edition will take place from 1st to 3rd December 2024 at the University Center of Tamanrasset, Algeria.

The region in southern Algeria, where the university is situated, is seeing significant growth, primarily due to its proximity to prominent
tourist destinations. The primary purpose of this symposium is to serve as a longstanding tradition that provides a platform for scholars
engaged in the study of complex systems science to convene and engage in open discussions and collaborative interactions. The
symposium emphasizes applied and theoretical research to solve real problems in all fields; thus, participants are cordially invited to engage
in the generation of novel concepts within the three designated domains: "Design and implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) systems
and Cloud Computing," "Artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications", "Data science and its applications" and “Virtual Reality and Artificial
Intelligence in Healthcare”.